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This website is the home for web-based multimedia courseware for learning Chinese.

Knowledge Essential for Writing Characters and the Chinese Writing System:

The learning Chinese character materials have 18 chapters. The topics include principles of character formation; strokes; stroke order; radicals; character learning strategies; review strategies; principles to convert traditional to simplified characters, most frequently used characters, development of Chinese scripts; penmanship guidelines; cursive writing; printing and print fonts; calligraphy styles; first calligraphy lesson; characters with multiple forms; homophones and characters with multiple meanings; and how to use Chinese dictionaries.

Interactive Learning Tools to acquire the 1,000 Most Frequently Used Characters in reading Chinese (available in both Traditional and Simplified forms

Interactive Learning Tools to acquire the 214 Kangxi radicals and 189 Xinhua radicals, the fundamental set of characters for beginners to learn.

The foundation for speaking Chinese

Chinese Sound System